Changelogs: April 2024

Changelogs: April 2024
Changelogs: April 2024

In April, Hathora celebrated its 2nd birthday🎂, and our "terrible twos" are going to be terrific😏. This month, we launched Google Cloud support, shipped DeploymentV2, hired another Hathorian, and made a lot of console enhancements. Let's get this baby going🐣.

⛅️ Google Cloud support takes its first steps

Playing together is part of growing up, and we’re now playing with Google. On our Enterprise plan, in addition to your base capacity on bare metal, you can now leverage either AWS or GCP for your burst capacity. Schedule a meeting with our team to learn more about how you can use GCP with Hathora.

Hathora + GCP with Enterprise plan

🚢 The birth of DeploymentV2

With DeploymentV2, you can control your CPU/memory allocation with up to one decimal point precision. Drive down your vCPU-hr cost by precisely configuring resources for your game server.

Configure your CPU/memory allocation with more precision

✨ Console enhancements

Rename an application

The older you get, the better you know yourself, and maybe the name you were born with doesn’t suit you anymore. With our new release, changing your name is 1 click away.

Update appName

Update authConfig for Lobby Service

By now you should know not to trust strangers. We’ve made it easy to ensure your app doesn’t either. If you aren’t using our Lobby Service, we recommend disabling Anonymous auth for your applications.

Update authConfig

Hathora grows by another ☝️

Aveline Trysavath joined our team as our VP of Sales. She’s focused on expanding the reach of customers who deploy their games on Hathora. Before joining Hathora, Aveline was the Head of Brand Ad Sales at Unity.

🗓️ Upcoming events

  • June 6th at 4:30 pm - We’ll be hosting our annual Pre-GAME event during NYC tech week! Stay tuned for the invite link!

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