Changelogs: August 2023

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Changelogs: August 2023

A new chapter unfolded at Hathora this month! We moved into our new office in Chelsea, hosted our first GameJam, attended Gamescom, and hired another Hathorian. Lets 🔥 it up!

Multiplayer Madness – it’s a wrap 🎬

As we say, “break free, not hearts” 💕. Our hearts were far from broken thanks to our amazing community!

Hathora hosted Multiplayer Madness, our first (but definitely not last) gamjam! We had over 250 participants and 35+ multiplayer games submitted. We all know how hard it is to make a multiplayer game, so we were definitely blown away with the quality and quantity of games submitted!

We hosted a live stream to play all the games with game dev guru Polymars and the founder of Unity’s Fish-Net: Network Evolved. Check out the live stream or even better, play the games yourself!

Now 🥁 for the winners please…



🥇1st Place

🐶 Puppy Rescue by Matazar

🥈2nd Place

Sacrifice of the Ku’dohs by Proyd

🔝Unity game

Sir Lance A Lot by PhantomGrounds

🔝Godot game

Godot: Slime* by  Pumpkin House Games (@pumpkinhousegms), ERuhl Interactive (@ERInteractive), pmk0414, Daniel 

🔝JavaScript game

Portal Break by jorgeconquer182

“Most likely to go viral” game

Bloody Mansion by Eranot, Kazzter, Lorenzo Razzera

Docs, docs, and… more docs ✍️

As promised, we’ve been writing docs to support users during the gamejam. However, docs will never be “done” (expect some exciting updates to our API docs 😉).

Architecture page

We created an architecture page so you now know exactly where in your tech stack we fit in. We offer common integration paths and provide visuals (don’t you love the matchmaking heart?).


Sample Dockerfiles for game engines

Docker is used to package server projects in a portable way so we can run your game server anywhere. We know writing dockerfiles can be intimidating so we’ve added sample dockerfiles that you can use directly in your game server project. If you’re still running into any issues, reach out to us on Discord for help!

When's the last time you wore dockers? 👖

Attended Devcom & Gamescom

This year, Sid and Gabi traveled to Cologne, Germany to attend the biggest Gamescom ever (with more than 320,000 people in attendance 😮)!

It was so energizing to meet so many teams working on building ambitious multiplayer games. We learnt so much about what you all are struggling with and how we can better support you. We left with even more conviction that we’re working towards the right goals. Stay tuned, we have some exciting partnerships that spawned over the five day trip.

Gabi (right) with Antonia and Esteban from the Unity Education team talking multiplayer games.

Drain processes not dollars 💵

We now stop allocating rooms to any process that has been running for more than 6 hours. Processes that are not accepting new rooms will show “Draining” in the status column.

Draining process allows Hathora to run security patches, roll out hardware upgrades, and efficiently use our server capacity. If you have any additional questions or concerns about this feature, reach out to @taruni on Discord.

Drained it! 🏀🗑️

Anotha ☝️

Gabi Weinberg officially joined Hathora this month as the Head of Business Development! Before Hathora he led sales and growth at a new media start-up, and directed educational programs for hundreds of teens housed at Yale University. Gabi got his online gaming start thanks to his childhood rabbi gifting him Warcraft 3 for his bar mitzvah.

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