Changelogs: Cash Money May 2023

Changelogs: Cash Money May 2023

May was a busy month for our team! We sent our first invoice to users, moved office spaces, and shipped a lot of new features. Let's dive in 🤿!

Billing has gone live 💵

Users should have received the May invoice to the email associated with their Hathora account. All new customers get $500 in credit to start developing on our platform. If you have not exceeded the free credit then the status will be automatically “Paid”. Keep in mind that the May invoice does not include egress bandwidth cost but we will start changing for it soon.

If you haven’t done so, please update your payment method directly through our new Billing UI. You can also download invoices and view payment statuses. If you have any questions, reach out to

Introducing Hathora Cloud’s ping service🏓

Hathora’s ping service allows clients to directly ping all Hathora regions to get latency information. You can use this information to pick a default region for your clients or inform your matchmaker to optimize region selection.

You can now try out our ping service using our updated API documentation with descriptions for all our endpoints. We’re also exploring how to update our API docs experience more broadly, so stay tuned!

Launched support for multiple container ports

We’ve heard from many of you that ports are preferable to chardonnays🍾. Jokes aside, you can now expose up to 3 ports on your container. The first port will always be called “default” and supports TLS as a transport type. However, for additional ports, you need to specify a name and TLS will be disabled.

Track total egress bandwidth by process

We now display the amount of egress your process uses. Total egress bandwidth is in an experimental state – we’re fine-tuning how we calculate this metric so we won’t be charging for it just yet.

Forcefully terminate a process

Have you ever been frustrated by that 1 active connection on a process with no active matches? You can now force a process into an idle state by either suspending or destroying all rooms on the process. A process in an idle state will automatically terminate after 5 minutes.

The never-ending list of enhancements…

We’re constantly updating our Platform and Console to either add additional functionality or fix existing bugs. This month, we’ve made progress on both!

Additional functionality

  1. Optionally specify a roomId instead of having to use a system-generated one.
  2. Rename applications as many times as you want! Keep in mind, no 2 applications within an account can have the same name.

Console UI fixes

  1. We fixed a UI bug that was showing some processes stuck in a “Stopping” state when in reality they were already “Stopped”.
  2. The console auto-refreshes when there is an update made on the settings page. Previously, users wouldn’t see the new deployment until manually refreshed the page.
  3. Create deployment fails with a validation error now. Previously, for example, if the environment variable value was longer than what was allowed, the front end would just show a spinner forever instead of displaying the validation error.