Changelogs July 2023

Changelogs July 2023

July was a big month of growth for Hathora! We geared up for our Multiplayer Madness Game Jam (it starts this Friday August 11, join now!), had a team onsite in New York, upped our documentation game, hired another Hathorian, and shipped lots of new features. Let's get the ball rolling 🏀

Docs for days ✍️

Ask and ye shall receive! As promised, we’ve been actively writing documentation, and will continue to do so, leading up to Multiplayer Madness. Our goal is to get you all the information you need so you just call an API instead of a human (however we do love hearing from you 🤙).

Let us embark upon a journey through the sacred scriptures of Hathora Cloud…😹

New home page to unravel the mysteries

We’ve launched a new docs page to make navigating our documentation easier. Select the game engine of your choice to access get started guides, sample games, and more.

Zoom in and you'll see the different engines up there - and yes, you can use your own engine too!

Read Unity docs and thou shalt be strengthened

We added an integration guide and beginners tutorial for our Unity plugin. Learn how to configure, build, and deploy game servers directly from the Unity Editor. We have demo scenes and sample games to showcase integration with all major Unity netcode solutions (i.e. Photon Fusion, Fishnet, Mirror, Unity NGO).

Who doesn't love a good netcode solution?

Sacred haven of lobbies & matchmaking

Haven’t finalized your matchmaking solution yet? Use Hathora’s lightweight Lobby Service to enable player-driven server browsing. We’ve also added Player Auth documentation so you can read about how to integrate with existing matchmakers.

Beyond building you game, you can play Bullet Mania too!

Pass in metadata to a room

You can now optionally pass in metadata when calling `CreateRoom`. Use `roomConfig` to load in a map or specify a game mode when initializing a match. You can access `roomConfig` when you call `GetRoomInfo`.

Check it out.

Add a tag for a build

Tag you’re it! You can now optionally pass in a `buildTag` to specify a version of your build. Pass in a `buildTag` with less than 1k characters when you call `CreateBuild` and access it through `GetBuildInfo()`.

Just gotta keep this under 1k characters folks.

Hathora grows by another ☝️

Zach Graziano, a full-stack Engineer, is focused on solutions and infrastructure. Before joining Hathora, he advised and built cloud infrastructure for a variety of start ups. During the pandemic he made his own multiplayer jeopardy game to replace trivia nights with his friends!

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