Changelogs: June 2023

Changelogs: June 2023

June was another productive month at Hathora! We launched a Unity plugin, published API documentation, hired one new Hathorian, and launched a multiplayer game jam. Buckle up, we’re ready for take-off 💺.

Launched a Unity Plugin in early access

Our Unity Plugin is available to try via early access! You can now configure, build, and deploy game servers on Hathora directly from the Unity Editor. We currently support Unity version 2021.2.23 or higher.

The plugin includes a Demo folder with examples showing how to use FishNet. We’ll be adding a Mirror demo very soon. We’ll also release a Photon Fusion and a Unity NGO sample game – so stay tuned👂.

The plugin is awaiting final review before it gets published to the Unity asset store. We already have customers using it on their own though, so you can try it out.

Shipped Hathora Cloud API documentation

It’s impressive how many of you have been able to programmatically onboard with so little documentation 💀. But seriously, we have some major docs updates coming in Q3.

We recently published Hathora Cloud API docs and added to the Hathora Entities page. You can also see which API calls you need to make from your game code to manage a room (there are only 4 of them 🙃).

Please help us out by providing feedback! You can either schedule time with our product team, respond to this changelog, or provide your feedback on Discord and tag @taruni_.

Email verification required to create rooms

Yes… you should check your spam 📂. We made email verification required for accounts that weren't created using social logins for increased security. The create room button will be grayed out until verification is complete. If you’re still having issues, reach out to and we will be happy to assist!

Also, if you haven’t done so, please update your payment method. When free credit expires, you’ll be unable to request rooms.

Hathora grows by ☝️

Jared Davenport, a Software Engineer, is focused on building and scaling our infrastructure. Previously, Jared was at Palantir where he led multi-cloud engineering efforts with hundreds of thousands of CPUs around the globe. He was a huge fan of Nintendo and Valve growing up so you know he’s excited to solve your latency problems!

And of course a few bug fixes and stability improvements…

  • You might have noticed that CreateApp shows failed but GetApps returns the app as successfully created. We’ve fixed this internal error so you won’t experience this again.
  • When uploading a large build, timeouts were causing RunBuild to fail. We’ve increased the timeout so you won’t hit this again. If you’re still experiencing issues, please reach out to us on Discord.
  • If your game server was emitting a lot of logs then the Console would freeze. We’ve fixed how we manage showing logs so your browser will no longer crash.

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