Changelogs: June 2024

Changelogs: June 2024

Summer is in full swing and we’ve been shipping. In June, we launched a new CLI, released an improved TypeScript SDK, and added new line items to our invoices. We’ll be attending Develop:Brighton from July 9-11th so reach out if you’ll be there! Without further ado, let's set sail ⛵️

🚀 Launched a new CLI

We understand that our old CLI’s dependency on Node left room for improvement. Hathora’s new Go-based CLI offers improved developer experience, especially for CI/CD integration.

For those of you who haven’t used our CLI yet, you can use it to automate your build and deployment workflows. Learn how to get started with our docs:

✨ Improved TypeScript SDK

Our goal is to make integration with Hathora seamless. Over the next few months, we will be releasing new SDKs in other languages as well.

The new TypeScript SDK is type-safe, has embedded documentation, and IDE autocomplete.

🧾 Invoice update

Starting on July 1st, you will notice some new line items in your latest invoice. We added some new line items that are only relevant for Enterprise customers.

If you are on Starter tier, you can continue to expect charges to accrue for:

  • Orchestration
  • Egress Bandwidth - Cloud [Region]

The new line items added for Enterprise customers:

  • Egress Bandwidth - Bare Metal
  • Compute - Cloud [Region]

Reach out to learn how you can get access to bare metal and save with our Enterprise tier.

🚗 Hathora on the road

We’ll be at Develop: Brighton this year from July 9-11th. Please reach out to Aveline on Discord or LinkedIn if you’ll be there too! You can also register for our event here.

Meet us at Develop:Brighton

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