Changelogs: March 2024

Changelogs: March 2024
March changelogs

March was a slam dunk with GDC 2024 and the launch of our bare metal offering! 😎 In addition to bare metal, we honored our Multiplayer Rebels, added the ability to disable our 5-minute process timeout, introduced a new CreateProcess() endpoint, and much more! Let's get this game going 🏀

📣 Announcing our Enterprise tier w/ Bare Metal

Bare metal capacity allows us to unlocks over 60% in cost savings for you. Our CTO, Harsh, wrote a detailed article outlining how we decided to adopt, evaluate, and incorporate bare metal servers into our product.

On our Enterprise plan, enjoy the ease of our platform coupled with the cost savings of bare metal 🤯. Check out our updated pricing page to learn more.

Check out our new pricing page

🏆 2024 Multiplayer Rebels at GDC

At GDC this year, we wanted to give back to the community that’s gotten us here, the Multiplayer Rebels. Your unwavering courage to defy conventions and take on the gaming industry's titans inspires us daily. Check out our post announcing the Rebels.

Congrats again to this year’s Rebels! Thanks for letting us be a part in your journey to success😊

Meet the 🏆 Multiplayer Rebels 2024

🚫 Disable 5-minute idle timeout for processes

Your wish is our command! Previously, Hathora would halt processes if they had no active connections for 5 minutes to help save costs. Now, you have the power to disable idleTimeoutEnabled directly from our Console when creating a deployment.

For games in production, we advise disabling idleTimeout and taking charge of terminating processes manually. Once disabled, it's up to you to stop processes to halt the billing clock. Dive into our docs for detailed instructions on stopping a process.

You can now disable idleTimeout

Pre-allocated processes

First impressions on launch day are crucial, and we recognize the importance of being ready when the floodgates open.

When paired with idle timeout disabling feature above, you can now spin up processes without assigning a room in advance to prevent potential API rate limit issues. Subsequent room assignments using CreateRoom() will be immediate, ensuring players don't have to endure queue wait times. 🔥

Launch processes ahead of time

Plenty of small updates…

Introducing buildTag on the Overview page

We believe in minimizing clicks for a smoother experience. If you pass in a buildTag, you can now see it in the application Overview page.

View buildTag on the Overview page

🐞 Downloading Invoices is operational again

We've resolved the issue with downloading invoices. You can now access and download your invoices without any hiccups.

🗓️ Upcoming Events

Stay tuned in our Discord for the next infrastructure discussion that we’ll have in mid-April in the Backend Services Guild. The guild includes backend engineering leads from studios like Respawn, Riot, Activision, Gearbox, Mountaintop, Gardens. If you’re not in the guild and are interested in learning more, you can apply here.

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