Changelogs: November 2023

Changelogs: November 2023

November was a month full of building at Hathora! We started egress bandwidth billing, released functionality to download logs for stopped processes, launched new process metric graphs, added Los Angeles as one of our regions, and much more. As we head into the holidays🎄, we'll be holding off on major updates so expect our next changelogs on Feb 5th! With that, let’s 🤿 right in…

Egress bandwidth billing has gone live 💸

Sorry, not sorry 🙈. Starting December 1st, we will charge for egress bandwidth consumption. You will see egress bandwidth as a separate line item on your invoice. As you know, all new customers get $500 in credit to start developing on our platform. If you have not exceeded the free credit amount then the status will automatically be “Paid”.

Egress bandwidth on your invoice

To bring transparency to your bill, we added Total egress bandwidth so you can see exactly how much your server is using. Keep reading to learn more 📖.

Download logs for stopped processes 🪵

We’ve heard from many of you about how important it is to get full logs content for debugging your game servers. This month, we released a feature so you can download all your logs for a stopped process directly from our console. Keep in mind, we only store logs for 72 hours.

Download logs directly from our console

Launched new graphs for process metrics 📈

As you may have noticed, there are some shiny new toys on our process page 👀. We added new metrics to help you debug and optimize your game servers on Hathora:

  • Connection count: # of active connections to the process
  • Cumulative egress bandwidth: cumulative amount of egress bandwidth consumed by the process so far
  • CPU utilization: the % of CPU utilized at any given point
  • Memory utilization: the amount of memory used at any given point
Shiny new toys✨

We’d love to hear your feedback on our metrics because we have a lot more coming soon 👀. Reach out on Discord ( @taruni_ ) to let me know what you think!

Bunch more platform improvements 💐

We’d be here forever ♾️ if we had a separate section for each improvement 🤣 But here are some more exciting feature updates:

Los Angeles is the newest Hathora region 🌎

Check your ping to our newest region

Added UDP + TCP support on the same port

Run UDP + TCP on the same port

Shipped a copy button for processId on the process page

Copy processId with ease

Hathora on the road 🚗

Join in for a Infrastructure Hang with our CEO, Sid, and a few other expert backend devs on December 12th by signing up here. We’ll be covering topics like build versioning, CI/CD best practices, monitoring, and much more. If you want to join the Backend Services Guild on Discord, apply here.

Infrastructure Hang 🤙

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