Changelogs: February 2024

Changelogs: February 2024
February changelogs

February has been a month full of love at Hathora! Our love language? It's all about infra. Our Valentine's Day gift? Not the big flourishes, fam. It's about the day-to-day because, let's be real, you want a partner who's there for you 24/7. Let's level up together. 🚀💑

Reliability in a partner isn’t too much to ask for 🫡

We get it. Launch day for your game is a big deal, and the stakes are high when you trust us to host it. We don't mess around with that trust.

In gearing up for some major launches this summer, we're deep-diving into every nook and cranny of our platform stack. Identifying and fixing potential failure points is our jam. 🕵️‍♂️ One substantial improvement? Amping up how our platform handles regional failures.

For example, if us-east-1 decides to take a nap unexpectedly, it won’t affect games being scheduled in other regions. We want you to trust that there’s always plenty of servers in the sea 🐟.

A successful Steam Next Fest launch

Words of affirmation are super important, and we’ve been getting a lot! We’re so happy that we got to be a part of Stormgate’s successful launch at Steam Next Fest! Learn more about how our servers were the knight in shining armor⚔️🏰 for Stormgate's backend.

Stormgate's processes launched on Hathora

Continued acts of service

Our service never stops 🛑 But seriously… we’ve been making improvements to our platform to enhance devEx.

Stop a process from our API and Console

We’ve added a "Stop process" button to the process page which will immediately stop and destroy all associated rooms. We’ve also updated our docs on how to stop a process.

Stop a process from console

Adding a GetLatestDeployment() endpoint

You can now get the latest deployment’s configurations in 1 API call. Previously, you needed to call GetDeployments and pull the latest deployment from a list.

Get the latest deployment in 1 API call

Quality time is important 🤗

We had a great time meeting many of you at DICE this year, and we can’t wait for GDC. If you’re planning on attending GDC this year, please reach out to Gabi on Discord or LinkedIn to meet up. We’re also hosting two events so reach out if you’re interested:

  • First Day Pre-Game with 8VC, Mantis, and Agentic (3/18)
  • Backend Services House (3/19) - hosting with our friends at Pragma. Space is limited so register here!
Hathora @ GDC

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