Changelogs: May 2024

Changelogs: May 2024
Changelogs: May 2024

May was an exciting month at Hathora! We launched our Dallas region, updated invoices, released a new version of our deployments page, and deprecated suspendRoom(). Let's get this rodeo started 🏇🐂

🏜️ Dallas is now a Hathora region

Yeehaw! Saddle up cowboys and cowgirls, you have access to servers in Dallas. Players in the southern U.S. and Central America will now have faster pings on our platform. You’ll need to upgrade to DiscoveryV2 to get ping times for Dallas.

🤠 Dallas is here!

🧾 Invoice update

As you may have noticed in your May invoice 👀, Egress Bandwidth is now broken out by region and hardware.

  • Orchestration ($0.08/vCPU-hr for Starter-tier)
  • Egress Bandwidth - Cloud[Region] ($0.12/GB for Starter-tier)
  • Egress Bandwidth - Bare Metal ($0.01/GB for Enterprise-tier)

Reach out to learn more about upgrading to our enterprise plan.

✨ New Deployments page

We've redesigned our deployments page so you can see all your deployment information in one view. ⬇clicks = 😁customer

✨ New deployments page

🚗 Hathora on the road

We’ll be at Develop: Brighton this year from July 9-11th. Please reach out to Aveline on Discord or LinkedIn if you’re in town! You can also register for our event here.

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