Changelogs: January 2024

Changelogs: January 2024
January changelogs

And... we're back to our regularly scheduled changelogs! Have you longed for our presence? Because we've been yearning for yours.

January was a great start to an exciting year, especially with multiple game launches coming soon 🥳. This month, we released ProcessV2, added new filters to the Console, improved auth reliability, and welcomed another Hathorian. Level up, game devs, we’re ready to bring down the hammer 🔨.

Launched ProcessV2 🚀

Over the past year, we've added and deprecated fields from the process object. Now, with a better understanding of your needs, we are excited to introduce ProcessV2.

Access Process Status Anywhere

Previously, you could only retrieve the status of a process from the Console or by inferring it using multiple timestamp fields.

With ProcessV2, you can now access the status from the Console, API, SDKs, or CLI. Please note that we no longer have idle as a process status, as we have decoupled activeConnections from the process object.

Process statuses

One endpoint for active and stopped processes

In an effort to simplify our API and enhance developer experience, we now offer a single endpoint to retrieve both active and stopped processes. Utilize GetLatestProcesses() and optionally pass in status and region parameters to filter the list of processes.

Introducing new filters for process search🔎

You might have noticed a few new tools on the application page 👀

As part of our ongoing efforts to improve search and debugging on our platform, we've introduced new multi-select filters for region and status. We'd love to get your feedback on this feature. Feel free to reach out to Taruni on Discord or LinkedIn.

Multiselect filters

Authentication reliability improvements

As you know, most of our endpoints require a hathoraDevToken. Previously, for each API call, we validated the token with an external authentication provider, which was in the critical path for creating and connecting to rooms.

We have now updated the hathoraDevToken to eliminate its dependency on our authentication provider. New tokens will now contain either a userId or orgTokenId instead of an email in the createdBy field. Depending on where you generate builds/deployments from, you will see different IDs:

orgTokenId: when using the long-lived token from CLI

Example: org-token-af469a92-5b45-4565-b3c4-b79878de67d2

userId: when using the console

Example: google-oauth2|107030234048588177467

Rest assured, you don't need to make any changes. Old tokens will continue to work as expected ✅.

Welcoming a new Hathorian

Say hello to Natacha Gabbamonte, our newest full-stack engineer dedicated to ensuring the robustness and scalability of our systems. Prior to joining Hathora, she spent 7 years at Palantir, contributing to various projects on the Foundry platform. In her free time, she hosts weekly board game nights (we're expecting an invite soon 😏).

Hathora at DICE and GDC This Year 🚗

Sid and Gabi will be attending DICE from Feb 21-23 this year! If you plan on attending, please reach out to Gabi on Discord or LinkedIn to arrange a meet-up. Additionally, Hathora will be present at GDC again this year, so feel free to reach out to schedule a meeting.

Hathora @ DICE

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